With the purchase of one of our Toimil cranes or trailers, you are entitled to specialised support and maintenance. Taking into account our client’s interests we offer our vast expertise to ensure the best results from our machinery. Therefore, you can choose the services you require for the maintenance of our products, as well as telephone support 365 days a year to resolve any query.

The Toimil support centre offers  fast and reliable assistance for the maintenance of our products according to their needs, ensuring the best care.

The extensive network of Toimil services numbers around 40 service centres worldwide, providing assistance to our customers based on specific methods of operation that have been developed in each country.

In all countries, the maintenance staff and advisers have been trained and certified to ensure an efficient Toimil service. Thus, our service centre maintenance team manages assessment on issues related to Toimil and its technical services dealers.

In addition, we provide you with a contact form where you can send us enquiries about replacement parts and receive the most comprehensive personalised advice.


Within Toimil  Accessories you will find high quality products designed for forestry professionals, as well as other tasks of a less industrial or leisure nature or basic DIY needs.

This section includes clothing and accessories, tools and other equipment necessary to perform forestry related tasks.